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Welcome to Dindee farms

We are 4 kilometers from the nearest town, Kham ta Kla, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. In the Ban Passack Mooban. We are a 48 Rai farm growing a large variety of fruits and vegetables. We use only organic fertilizers and natural pesticides that we buy from Maejo University. We also sell free range pastured eggs. We have just started on our journey and hope that you will follow and support us in our effort to cherish the land and supply you with good, wholesome food.



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This is from a study at Penn state university dated July 20, 2010 penn state news

Research shows eggs from pastured chickens may be more nutritious July 20, 2010 University Park, Pa. — A study conducted by researchers in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences (More…)





Pesticide Free vegetable
eggplant, pumpkin, chili, lemon, string bean, basil, tomato, lemongrass, leech lime, lettuce, potato, holy basil, morning glory, sponge gourd, coriander, devil’s fig, mint, cucumber, Siamese neem, corn, Indian horse radish, Indian trumpet flower..etc. (More…)









As we are aiming for a sustainable farming, there are many kind of fruits that we grow in our farm. The fruits come in different cycle of the year and they are benefiting each other.(More…)




January Update

We now have 500 chickens laying eggs. Farm is starting to blossom. Nid and Oy are planting the garden. Two of the pigs are pregnant and will be having little ones soon. People want to buy eggs that they know are fresh and that are free of chemicals and hormones, our demand for eggs are […]

December Update

Our newest addition, 200 ducklings and we have found an interesting article here

October Update

The rainy season is upon us here in Isaan. Our 2000 fish are growing quite fast. The trees in the orchard are robust and next year will start to bear fruit. We are  learning  as we go and we had to change the cover to our pumpkin arbors to protect them from the rain and […]